Building modern men…

The Huffington Post announced on Friday that they are dedicating the month of November to issues relating to masculinity in the 21st century, through their ‘building modern men’ project. Details of why they are engaging with this project can be found here

Part of the aim of their project is to present a ‘snapshot of life for men’. As men’s health researchers, this is part of what we do through our academic work, and understanding the lived experience of those we are researching remains central to such endeavours. As I have discussed extensively in other blogs, supporting men as fathers is an area I am passionate about, and understanding more about the roles of fathers appears to me an important part of understanding masculinity in the 21st Century.

As academics our research can sometimes seem only available to others that are academics, however in a digital era there is a move to making our research more widely available to all, and this too will hopefully help contribute to understanding life for men in the 21st century and of making research findings accessible to others. To that end, and as my contribution to supporting the start of the Huffington Posts ‘Building modern men’, here is my most recent academic article, available free for download about what we know about the male experience of infertility: Infertility article


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