Year of the dad

Fathers Network Scotland are for 2016, organising the Year of the Dad. This year long celebration of fatherhood aims to highlight how equality for parents is good for families, and how the inclusion of dads is good for children and mothers too. Research conducted by the Centre for Men’s Health at Leeds Beckett University  last year (which I was fortunate enough to be involved in) is one example which shows how supporting and focusing on dads is good for the whole family (report available here).

Fathers Network Scotland have created a useful factsheet which explains how and what Year of the Dad entails for those who want to know more.

Equality involves creating opportunities for both mums and dads to be able to develop their parenting and to be the parents they want to be, and getting fathers on the agenda in Scotland in 2016 is one way that Fathers Network Scotland are aiming to contribute towards such equality.

For my part in the Year of the Dad, I will be resolving to continue working closely with third sector partners who run dads or parenting groups, continuing research around fatherhood, including my current ‘Supporting Young Dads’ project, and continuing to write about and share ideas and evidence around supporting fathers and families…




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