A quick catch up…

The return to work since the new year seems to have raced past (half way through January- how did that happen?!) so I thought I would do a quick catch up of recent interesting things I’ve seen, done, or am planning on doing in my academic life:

  • First up, I was interviewed last week for a new Radio 4 series about Scenes from student life. Whilst my current research is very much focused around fatherhood, and men as fathers and men’s wellbeing (all the topics I often write about on this blog), my PhD research was about student protest in the 1960s, and this is my first love in terms of academic work, it was a project I enjoyed very much, and publishing my book on the topic remains a very proud moment in my career to date (book is here for anyone who is interested: Student Power Book). It was a real honour to be asked to talk about the 1960s for this new Radio 4 series, more details on it when it is out in spring this year.
  • This week, a new symposium on ‘Masculinities, Roles and Transitions’ being organised by Anna Tarrant (Leeds), and Sally Brown (Edinburgh Napier) was announced, looks like it will be an interesting and inspiring day, well worth attending for anyone interested in men’s health and wellbeing and masculinities across the lifecourse and will feature a presentation from Prof. Alan White of the Centre for Men’s Health at Leeds Beckett. I’m very much looking forward to what I am sure will be a fascinating day, more details on the event are available here: symposium announcement
  • My author copy of my article with Prof. Brendan Gough about Male infertility landed in my inbox today, the article is open access (anyone can read the whole article for free) and it is available here: Experiencing Male Infertility Article
  • On my own reading list is this new article about masculinity and the medicalization of infertility, looks like a fascinating read.
  • Finally, I have had a paper accepted at the British Sociological Association conference in April, where I will be presenting findings from my Supporting Young Dads project- more on the project and the findings to come here on the blog in the coming months.







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