Lego as social barometer



Image via: Twitter/@DadNCharge

This week its been announced that Lego are releasing new figures, including a stay at home dad and working mum, and a disabled wheelchair using figurine and a guide dog. The new figures are available to view : here.

Lego state that “We are all part of the same world and we need to portray that to the best of our abilities” and these modern social life representations appear part of Lego’s wider commitment to equity. This ‘mirroring’ of the changing world in which diversity in terms of individuals and the way in which family lives play out shows Lego as a barometer of the wider social world (Lego are often on point about trends in social life, for example the production of Danish Lego hipsters for Copenhagen fashion week last year).

Where dads have often been less readily equated with parenting, showing children through toys that dads do ‘caring work’ and that this is a role which men can and do take in modern societies is a positive and important step. Given the Danish are often at the forefront of equality for parents, for example around paternity leave for dads, that the Danish toy maker has included a stay at home dad figurine is perhaps not surprising, but it is very welcome.


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