Emoting Infertility

My colleague (Prof. Brendan Gough) and I have had a paper published in the journal Health today. The paper explores how men show their emotions around infertility  in the context of an online support forum. We often know less around men’s experiences and emotions when it comes to infertility, although articles such as this honest and expressive account of one man’s experience of the process of IVF helps to bring men’s emotions around fertility much more into the public realm.

Men are often seen to be less keen on displaying emotions openly than women in society, but our research shows that men do find value in sharing within the context of forums. The paper explores how the experience of infertility within relationships can be seen as a rollercoaster which can become ‘tyrannical’ within the lives of those trying to conceive and the impacts of such emotionally draining experiences can last into pregnancy for those who do conceive.

As authors we feel passionate about opening up discussions about fertility and reproduction so that men are included and their voices can be heard and hope that this paper helps contribute further to how we understand the emotions experienced around infertility.

The journal article is available from Health here or as open access version from Leeds Beckett University here .




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