Supporting Young Dads Event

Last Thursday (a day which will in the UK be remembered for things other than my research) saw the launch of my research report into ‘Supporting Young Dads’. I have been working on this project for almost a year now, and thinking about it for a lot longer. It has been a labour of love. Those who know me well, know that speaking in public is something I do all the time, I rarely feel concerned about it, but my nerves ahead of the Supporting young dads event was something else, and as I said on the day, it came from my desire to do justice to the projects I looked at in my research, and more specifically to the voices of the dads who took part in my project.

The day itself was full of all the things I think that events should be, plenty of tea and food obviously, but humour, informality, discussion, no one was sitting on their own in the breaks because people were sharing and talking and engaging. We also sang ‘We will rock you’ (thanks Dads Rock!) and made paper aeroplanes. A dad brought his child along, and some of the young men shared their personal experiences with academics and practitioners. I learnt a lot and I hope others did to.

If you would like to know more about the research, the report is available to download here: SYD Report

My presentation from the day is here: presentation slides

The hashtag for the event was #SYD2016 if you want to see tweets from the day.

SYD event

Some of the delegates at the SYD event


A huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone who came along, participated and made the day a truly enjoyable and valuable experience; there is a lot of good work going on to support dads, and even more great work to come.


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