Waiting- A film about being a young dad

I was excited to see on twitter this week that a new film project is being crowdfunded for. My main excitement for this was the topic, young fatherhood. As anyone who has read my blog previously will know, one of my research passions is around young fatherhood, and supporting young men and their families. Daniel Ward Garber, the writer of this film has kindly agreed to share some background and information about the film on the blog:

Waiting is a short film written by myself (Daniel Ward Garber) and follows the story of Harrison Gold, a young man who is just about to become a father. His partner is in labour and he tries to deal with the opinions of friends and family over the last 9 months.

The film is based largely on my own personal experience. When I found out I was to become a father I was bombarded with conflicting opinions that although the people saying them thought were helpful, really weren’t. I really wanted to make a film that helped share this experience. To give a voice to other young dads and show that what they’re going through isn’t unique to just them. I feel that the story of dads in pregnancy is one that often gets lost and I think this is why people often don’t understand how the things they say can be detrimental. Hopefully by shining a light on this side of the story it can help show people what it is really like to be in the shoes of a young expectant father.

Right now we are preparing to go into production and have assembled a hugely talented cast and crew (all willing to work for nothing!). What we are working on now is raising the funds to make sure that we can tell this story to the best of our ability. We’ve started a crowdfunding campaign and would be insanely grateful for any contributions or just helping to spread the world. Even a tiny donation really does make a huge difference to what we can achieve and I’m really passionate about making sure this story gets told and told as well as I possibly can.

I hope that Daniel (and his colleagues) can achieve their aim of making this film, as it would be a really welcome addition to discussions about young fatherhood, and of changing perceptions around young fathers.

Further information and details of how to support the project is available here


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