The Crossing

I was delighted to be invited to a private preview screening on ‘The Crossing’ at the weekend. The film, a 15 minute short, is written by Jack King and produced by Garry Paton of Finite Productions. ‘The Crossing’ tells the emotive story of one mans struggle with infertility. I wont give away plot or spoilers, but given my research interests around men’s experiences of infertility, I was fascinated to see how the topic could be captured and portrayed through film. The film itself is emotive and dramatic in terms of both the story, but also the cinematography and artistic direction.

I found the film’s capture of the ‘ordinary’ particularly powerful, the lead character could be a man you know, struggling with the desire to be a father and not being able to achieve it.  Whilst showing and sharing the challenges infertility brings to men’s lives in film is inevitably difficult, The Crossing is, in my view a necessary documentation of an often unspoken aspect of men’s intimate lives. Its the sort of short film which will stay with you, make you think, long after you have seen it. I hope that it may be the tool to start conversations about men’s experiences of infertility, or to make people think about the things they say to friends or family who may be struggling with getting pregnant.

Film is a powerful medium to convey important messages, hats off to Jack and Garry for tackling this important topic and for making something which is emotive, dramatic and thought provoking.

To find out more about the film, and future screenings you can follow the film on twitter here.


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